Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scientists at Work

My little scientists have been hard at work...
This week we read these great books:

We also had a great discussion answering the question: What is Science? 

We drew our thoughts and ideas about science in our new science notebooks.

We also learned about different types of scientists and shared what type of scientists we would be.

  We went out to our school's Butterfly Garden to use our senses to make observations.

We also explored a variety of science tools. 

The students LOVED using their senses to make observations about an apple. 


Scott and Madilynn found this praying mantis in our yard this weekend. They used their senses (eyes and hands) and some tools (magnifying glass and ruler) to make observations about this cool insect. 
Did you find anything cool to observe this weekend?

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  1. Your Phoenix kindergarten school kids really did great work and look very creative. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images here!!