Sunday, September 28, 2014

Drawing in Writer's Workshop

We have been working hard AND having fun in Writer's Workshop. 
One of our absolute favorite parts of the day!

To watch 22 of my little kindergarten friends {all with very different strengths, needs, personalities, and interests} be so focused, engaged, and excited during workshop time is BEYOND REWARDING!

Our first unit focuses on drawing...

During the workshop framework we...

read great mentor texts

have a mini lesson about a specific drawing strategy

 practice the skill in our Doodles and Drawings book 
{which is ALWAYS connected to our mini-lesson}

have time to draw things that interest us
{which may or may not connect to that day's mini-lesson, but gives us an opportunity to grow as writers}

We will be wrapping our drawing unit this week and having a fun writing celebration! 
We've learned a great deal and have a lot to celebrate. 

The students have learned about...

drawing with different tools
and how to take care of those supplies

drawing lines

Madilynn and I stopped by the classroom and she found our roll a doodle bin and couldn't wait to play! :)

drawing faces that show emotion

practicing specific steps or tricks to make drawing easier

working on how to fill the white space and add details

adding speech bubbles

drawing animals

 learning from our peers

studying craft choices that authors and illustrators make 

and SO much more!!!

Several of the students have loved their doodle book so much that they made extra copies to doodle in during free choice or at home! :)

Teachers - you can grab your Doodle Book at TpT:
or stop by the Literacy and Laughter Facebook Page to a flash giveaway. :)

To see other Drawing ideas check out this board:

I am excited to celebrate with my growing writers and their families this week... and look forward to watching them grow throughout the year! 

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  1. I have to thank you for this post! I was about to kick off my Writers Workshop unit with kindergartners this week, and in the past it has always been tough to start them with writing right away. This is a great intro to conveying ideas on paper. So thanks!