Friday, January 31, 2014


The children have enjoyed learning about penguins during our non-ficiton unit in Reader's Workshop.

They created these adorable penguins in the afternoon. 

LOVE these smiling faces... and their penguins! :)

Kindergarten Friends,

I thought you might like sharing these with your family:

Monday, January 20, 2014

Studying Trees

We have been becoming tree experts in Science this year! 

We read many great tree books...

We also used our schema from this lesson to observe trees around our school. 

We found a special tree to observe how it changes throughout each season. 
We recorded our observations and leaf and bark rubbings in our science notebooks

We also created these beautiful seasonal trees. 

This week {if weather permits!} we will bundle up and observe our tree in winter. 

Whoooo won the giveaway???

Last week I was beyond thrilled when Erin Condren offered me 2 $50 Gift Cards to give away to my blog readers!!

Here is what I have learned from the giveaway:

1. Giveaways are fun!
2. Erin Condren loves teachers. 
3. I {heart} nice people who are kind, just because!
4. I love connecting with other bloggers.

THANK YOU to everyone who entered!!!

Here are the WINNERS:

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I am excited to share a new product:

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Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Reading Notebooks in Kindergarten

Every year my school has a summer book study. Last summer we studied this awesome resource:

It was such a great read and has really changed my reading workshop/guided reading time for the better!

I was thrilled to discover that many bloggers were reading this book as well! 
They shared so many great ideas and resources.

You can find them here:

A few years ago we focused on this book: 

We found many other teachers using notebooks across the curriculum. 

That year my team and I decided to use notebooks in Science, Math, and Reading.
Once I saw this post from Kathryn on her reading notebooks I was sold!! :)
My students and I love our reading notebooks. I love that their learning is captured in one special spot throughout the year. My daughter loved my students' notebooks so much she had me create one for her to use at home! So funny!

Here are some of the ways we use our 
reading notebooks:

to join the Book Lovers Club

to set a purpose for reader's workshop

to identify the parts of a book

to practice letter sounds

to reinforce vowels

to study authors' choices

to learn about characters

to stretch out cvc words

and practice spelling

to reinforce using the word wall 

and much more! 

Love, love, love these reading notebooks!

You can find the label prompts that I use HERE!