Monday, January 20, 2014

Studying Trees

We have been becoming tree experts in Science this year! 

We read many great tree books...

We also used our schema from this lesson to observe trees around our school. 

We found a special tree to observe how it changes throughout each season. 
We recorded our observations and leaf and bark rubbings in our science notebooks

We also created these beautiful seasonal trees. 

This week {if weather permits!} we will bundle up and observe our tree in winter. 


  1. I came across this post on my Bloglovin feed, and I thought I'd share that I have a free unit on my blog for the book, A Tree is a Plant. I posted it yesterday in Collaboration Cuties' Mentor Text linky. If you click my name, you should be able to find my blog, Comprehension Connection. Carla

  2. What a great way to weave a concept through all the subject areas! I'm sure the kids loved it! :)