Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mo Willems Fun

We have had a great time studying the work of Mo Willems!

Here are some of the fun "Mo inspired" things that we did last week:
pastel pigeons

Favorite pieces from our drawing unit/Mo Willems study:

favorite Mo characters graph 
after graphing, we drew our favorite character in our Reading Notebooks

favorite Mo book graph

speech and thought bubbles

pictures from our Writing Celebration/Hot Dog Party:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr. Weber!

This week we helped our Principal, Mr. Weber, celebrate his birthday!

The students were so sweet as they decorated a birthday banner for Mr. Weber. Many of them drew characters from the books we have been enjoying.

As we played on the playground for recess, students had the choice to sneak into the room and add to the banner. ALL of the students did, of course! : ) When I asked Kate if she was going to come in and add to the banner she said, "Of course! We need to fill Mr. Weber's birthday bucket!"

Mr. Weber, we hope you had a great birthday! 
P.S. Thanks for visiting us during Writer's Workshop.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Lovers Bash

We just wrapped up our first unit of Reader's Workshop!
I am so proud of the work that my students did during this unit... and love how much they already enjoy books and reading!

To celebrate their hard work we had a Book Lovers Bash.

First, we helped chose dance moves for Elephant and Piggie's Dance Party:

Then we had our own (super fun!) dance party:

Finally, we curled up with our pillows, stuffed animals, and favorite books and read...

Check out our Book Lovers Bash:
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No, David!!

In Reader's Workshop we are learning about the different ways to read a book. 

After learning about how to "look at the pictures and tell the story". We did just that with David Shannon's book:

David does such a great job detailing his illustrations. We could easily tell exactly what was going on - by reading the pictures.

In the afternoon, we decided to draw David.

These make me smile!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Book Lovers Club

My students and I are *really* enjoying Reader's Workshop.
I am using Kim Adsit's AWESOME units.
Check out unit 1 here:

One of the lessons is about being a book lover. I made a huge deal about "joining the Book Lovers Club".  We talked about what a big decision it was, how book lovers treat books, how much they love reading, and all the perks that come with a membership. : )

The first day students joined the club they got a special stamp on their hand.

The following day we decided to make our club "official" by creating membership cards. : )

(students drew what they like to read about on the back of their membership cards)

Click on the pictures below to find some great reading websites: