Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Technology Tools For Teachers LINK UP

Last Spring I did a "Technology Tools for Teachers"
 presentation for Xavier University Grad students.  I used the glog below as part of my presentation. 

The professor has asked me to present on the same topic again (to a new group of grad students) and I would LOVE YOUR HELP in finding more technology tools for teachers.

if you have have a great technology tool for teaching.

Ideas include:
links to online books
links to websites
great ipad/ipod apps
smartboard resources
pinterest technology boards
tips for integrating technology across the curriculum
links to technology blogs
smartboard/powerpoint files you've found or created
links to fun youtube clips for learning
technology tools for implementing common core
great CDs/songs for learning
and more!!! 

Really any tech resource that you think other teachers would value. 

Crossing my fingers someone links up with how to create a linky button. For now, please use this to link back from your post. :) 


  1. I hope you will stop by and add your technology tool link to my technology tips link. I look forward to checking out all of these links.
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack
    Come on over and linkup your technology tips!

  2. What I love about your article is that it is unique and loaded with substance which really captivates me. Some of the blogs today are not very informative and that is why site visitors will not read the full post. But yours was different. I'd like to thank my friend also for referring your blog to me. Hope to see more of this. Keep it up!
    Playschool Franchisee - Little Millennium