Friday, September 7, 2012

Writer's Workshop Update

My students are L-O-V-I-N-G our drawing unit in Writer's Workshop. 
Click HERE to see how we started off this unit.

This week learned about adding details and creating characters.

For one of our detail lessons we looked back to a book we read in Reader's Workshop:
We discussed how the illustrator, Marc Brown, used so many details that we could read the book over and over and over.... because there were SO many things to look at!

We worked together to create a detailed drawing like Marc.

We also learned about drawing fun characters.
Michael shared the idea of making up "mixed up animal characters" by drawing a creature made up from many different animal parts.

We worked together to create this:

(boy hair, pig head and snout, elephant ears, owl body and wings, and spider legs)


Here are some of my growing writers and the mixed up animal characters that they drew today:

Michael was so tickled that everyone tried his idea he said, "I am like a big time inspiration or something I guess!"
Yes, you are Michael! : )

We also had a very special guest join us to share his writing!!

Sam K.'s brother Gus came down from 2nd grade to share his Roller Skating story. Gus was in my Kindergarten class a couple of years ago and it was absolutely wonderful having him here to share his writing! 
Gus, you are an incredible writer and I loved all of the "voice" in your story. 
Gus and Sam 

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