Saturday, August 25, 2012

Drawing in Writer's Workshop

We are off to a great start in Writer's Workshop.
Our first unit is Drawing.

 This week we've been reading GREAT drawing mentor texts...

and learning how to draw lines, shapes, and faces.

The children *loved* roll and recording different lines with partners. 
Great fine motor practice!

(if they rolled the ?, students could try any line we've learned, or teach their partner a new line)

This week we will focus on drawing details 
and "filling the white space". 
Looking forward to watching these amazing artists and writers grow! 

I have created a Doodle Book to capture your students' growth in drawing... 

Check it out here: 


  1. I LOVE the line dice! Looks like your children are loving learning how to draw. The books you used look like great resources! I'll have to up some of them because I haven't seen them before.

  2. I think the dice are a really creative idea as well! Harold and the Purple Crayon is a real classic!


  3. Sounds interesting. Looks like you are a specialist on this because you just made it so easy to be with you, motivated me to learn more on the subject!
    Nursery School Franchisee