Monday, September 28, 2015

Number Hunt Freebie

We kicked off our number unit today.

We started by having a conversation about the importance of learning numbers. 

WHY are learning numbers so important??

My students' smart responses:

so the mailman can deliver packages to the right house

to say how many things you want

so you can count

if you get lost you can give a worker your mom's cell phone number to find her

you can give your friend your number for a play date

to find your classroom

Such smarties! :)

We used a FREE number hunt activity from Pocket of Preschool

Click picture to download from TpT for FREE. Many different levels - we used the open ended sheet and it was GREAT! 

We also used clipboards...
 to look official. :)

Love these number detectives! 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Celebrating our Writing

We have been hard at work during Writer's Workshop. 

During our first five weeks of Kindergarten we focus on drawing.
During this unit we are:

learning about writer's workshop

using a variety of tools

developing on our fine motor skills

studying authors and illustrators and the creative choices they make

learning how to fill the white space

practicing drawing {lines, shapes, people, animals, buildings, and more!}

using details

adding speech bubbles

and more!!

I have done many drawing posts in the past, you can check them out here:

We capture many of our drawings from mini-lessons in our Doodles and Drawings book.
Find that here:

I updated this product over the summer - so there are 2 versions Funky and Kinder friendly. 
You can find more on that HERE

I was SO PROUD of my growing writers as they shared what they had learned with their guests at our 1st writing celebration.

They *ARE* listening, woohoo! 

We have been studying Mo Willems and we're totally bonkers about Pigeon. We've loved all of his books, especially Pigeon Needs a Bath and Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog.

We had a fun "Hot Dog Party" to celebrate our writing. It was LOVELY to see so many writers curled up with their families around our classroom. 

Here are some highlights from our drawing unit and our writing celebration:
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THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making this time so 
special for your child!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Teaching Sorting

My students have been busy sorting in Math.

I created this fun resource to help my students master sorting by attributes.

The students practiced sorting by

color, shape, size, texture, and type...

material or type

Having the students document their learning has been a great assessment and differentiation tool for me. 

 The students helped create this anchor chart.
LOVE the learning that is captured here.
We started each day by reviewing our previous learning and building the anchor chart together. 
SO powerful!

Check out my sorting fun pack on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

New product = sale!

My entire store is on sale through Sunday. :)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Five For Friday {September 18, 2015}

Linking up with Kacey to share my Five for Friday. :)

We became sorting masters this week!

I seriously *LOVE* this anchor chart that the students helped me create. 

Pushing the students to take ownership of their learning...

Their thinking, growth, and discussions have been VERY powerful as we start our math lessons by reviewing yesterday's learning and set goals for the new day!

Here is a fun sorting pack that I created...
the students have loved sorting by color, shape, size, and more!

I like to throw a sale when I share a new product, so my entire TpT store is on sale - 15% off through Sunday!

Our new home is coming together....
Tons still to do, but happy with the progress.
My husband made this heart from reclaimed wood...
he pulled it for a home built in 1875!!!!

*family portrait to be added. :)
We made these paper portraits last week. 
Check out all of my growing artists -- and our name fun 


It maters!