Friday, January 10, 2014

Five For Friday

I am linking up with Kacey to share my Five for Friday!!

{Shout out edition!!!!}

Here are a few things I have been doing (or reflecting on) this week. I decided I need to give shout outs to a few websites or people that have been inspiring me! :)

Mike: Who in the world takes pictures of the food they just made?
Me: Me! And my long lost cousin, Pioneer Woman!

Oh my word! 
I love all of their ideas!!! 
After seeing a few "husband gift ideas" I was inspired to make Mike this:

A book filled with all of the reasons that I love him. With sweet notes or gift cards to his favorite places in each envelope.
 He LOVED it!!! 

My husband plows snow in the winter and my children love snow days so they have been checking this website often.
 They've been right about our winter so far...
Snow! Snow! Snow!

We've enjoyed every moment of it...

Mrs. Delotell's Blog
Living the Dream
This is my daughter's first grade teacher. 
She is AMAZING!!!!
Madilynn absolutely adores her and comes home and shares EVERYTHING about her fun days with Mrs. Delotell. 

It was has been wonderful to see all of the wonderful things they are doing in 1st Grade on this blog.

I didn't realize how much parents enjoyed seeing pictures of their child on a classroom blog until I saw my own. :)
(from Dot Day - Madilynn is the one with all of the accessories. HAHAHA!)
Love, love, love the pictures, videos, and stories, Mrs. Delotell!! :):)

5. Lori from Conversations in Literacy
Such a wonderful, caring blogging friend!

She was so sweet to me this week. 
Pinning and sharing my giveaway on Facebook. 
Thanks Lori!!!

If you haven't entered - do so now!!!!!


  1. What a fun idea for a post! I love PW!! In fact I'm just making out my grocery list now and plan on making her chicken noodle soup this weekend. Her food is out of this world! The snow pictures are so looks like your kids are soaking it all up! I'm all signed up for the giveaway, too! Wow!! What an amazing giveaway!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  2. Awww, thanks so much for the shout out! I really appreciate that! And of course I pinned and shouted out your giveaway! That gift you made your husband is great. So thoughtful and fun! I would imagine that he just loved that.
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Where do I start? I love your post! The food looks delicious and I love Pioneer Woman too! The gift you made for your husband is really sweet and thoughtful. I think I will try to make one for my husband on our anniversary. Love your blog. I am so happy that I found it.