Sunday, September 7, 2014

Book Lovers Club

To get my students excited about reading and books I created a Book Lovers Club

We meet at the beginning of Reader's Workshop and share books we are enjoying, fun reading websites, cool end pages, connections, and more! 

I asked this year's students to join and...

THEY WENT BONKERS about the idea! :):):)
I love, love, love having book lovers in my class. 

On the first day or so we talked about what being a book lover means. 
We practiced being book lovers and I gave students a heart stamp if they were being book lovers. 

SO fun!

We created an official club, including signing up, making official cards, and a members only club sign to hang by our classroom door. 

and drew about it in our reading notebooks

My students recruited our principal, Mr. Weber, to join the club.

Then processed his membership card :) and wrote him a thank you letter.

They were ECSTATIC when they spotted our letter to him hanging in his office during morning video announcements. 
So funny!

This week I will give my students book lover book marks and teach them about the parts of a book. 
We will draw and label the parts in our
Reading Notebooks

Book Lovers Rock! :)

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  1. Hi, I´m a book lover too :) Can you tell me more about this activity? Is it for shared reading...guided reading...whole group reading? How did you implement it? Thanks!