Saturday, January 12, 2013

LOST Snowmen

The students L-O-V-E-D this fun activity we did on Friday...

They created snowmen or snowgirls  with oil pastels and construction paper crayons. We practiced describing our snow people to our friends. It was great practice for describing an object's size, color, and shape. 

Then... mysteriously... our snowmen were LOST!

The students had to write a description of their snowmen so that others could help find them. They enjoyed doing this and and I was reeeeeeeally excited about their details and neat lowercase writing. woohoo! :)

On Monday we'll read through all of the clues and see if we can locate all of the missing snowmen. 

Idea inspired by the first grade students HERE.  


  1. Tommy told us about these last week! How FUN. I love all of the snow girl's accessories! :)

  2. Great work by your little guys and a fun idea to get kids writing with detail! Love it! Renee