Saturday, January 26, 2013

100th Day Celebration

We had so much fun on Friday - celebrating our 
100th Day of School!!! : )

Here are some of the highlights:

making our 100th Day hats with Mr. Valento

reading with friends
(our Book Lovers Club (see here or here) is still going strong!!)

thought about what we would do with $100

made a 100th day snack with mini bagels and pretzels

created art with the number 100

wrote these:
(I would want 100... )

  bonus points go to Melina!!! ; ) 

(I would not want 100... )

We also did some work with our 100 chart, stretched for 100 seconds, and sang this:

Kindergarten Friends,
What a WONDERFUL 100 Days we have spent together. 
I am SO PROUD of each of you!
Looking forward to many more fun days of learning. 
Mrs. Rider

Teacher Friends-

Here is a link to my 100th Day Board on Pinterest.

 It includes several "linky parties" with 100s of ideas! 


  1. What fun ideas! :) Looks like your kiddos had a blast!

    Fun in PreK-1

  2. Great ideas of 100 Day! I especially liked the artwork with the 1 0 0. Clever! Renee

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