Saturday, September 7, 2013

Goodies For Growing Readers


This is my way of getting my students EXCITED about reading and books.
At the very beginning of the year we talk about different types of clubs.
I ask them to join an official book lovers club. We have little meetings at the beginning of Reader’s Workshop to talk about the books we are reading, share our opinions, read books together and discuss, study authors and illustrators and the choices that they make, etc.

Simply put... Giving it the title “Book Lovers Club” makes the children excited to join in and love reading!

I designed this pack of GOODIES (bookmarks, membership cards, wall art, meeting signs, reader response sheets, and links to many great reading songs, games, etc.) to share with your book lovers. I give the membership cards at the very beginning, bookmarks at our Book Lover’s Bash or whenever, and the signs hang in my reading corner or classroom door. I share the links to songs, games, and websites whole group or in special "members only" emails. 

Here is a peek at some of the items included:

(links to author's websites, games, songs, etc.)

My students LOVED creating these official signs:

You can find these goodies for your growing readers here:

Other ideas for Book Lovers click here!

Check out my Literacy Love board on Pinterest for other fun things I am doing with my growing readers:


  1. What a fun way to get students excited about reading. Looks like a super fun classroom!

  2. Thank you so much!! : ) It has been so wonderful to watch my students fall in love with books so quickly. :) :) Thank you for your sweet comment - made my day!


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