Thursday, September 5, 2013

Book Lovers Club!!! Want to join?

Oh my goodness...

I love my Growing Readers {so much}!!

We have been reading many great books together and how to treat them... 
but most importantly we are learning to
L-O-V-E books and reading!

I have the MOST AMAZING group of book lovers this year. We decided to create an official book lovers club!

First they had to decide if they wanted to join... 
(ALL students did!)
and then sign up...

Nicholas: I can't believe how many people want to join this club!?!
Me: All the coolest clubs always have long lines to get in. :)

and we practiced being book lovers.

It was a "BIG DAY" when we became official members.

Official Membership Cards?
The students were over the moon about these and take them very seriously!
I even had some eager club members help me laminate the cards. While laminating, they recruited 2 or 3 more teachers and our principal to join our club! :)
(Mr. Schneider shared how he loves to read books... on his Kindle.)

The other thing we've been doing in our club?
Reading, reading, reading!

(*these cuties created "We Love Books" and "Book Lovers Club" signs during their free choice time!*)

Here are some goodies that I created for my Book Lovers....

I highly recommend starting a Book Lovers Club with your Growing Readers. 
It has been SO MUCH FUN!!!!!


  1. Hello neighbors!
    This looks adorable! It is so fun being in a school full of so many book lovers.
    Mrs. Bell

  2. Amy I LOVE all of the wonderful things you are doing in your classroom. I love the idea of the book lovers club...I am going to steal that in my class!! I also love how your students already have book buckets and seem so engaged with reading!!!! Melissa

  3. Thanks Jonelle! It has been so wonderful watching my new students fall in love with books! : ) : )

    Melissa - THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This totally made my night. : ) I am so glad that you can use this with your students! Hope you are off to a wonderful start with your class!