Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Owlets & Talons & Prey, Oh My!

 Last week we did a great owl vocabulary review activity.
I divided the children into cooperative groups. Each group was in charge of one vocabulary word. 
(owlet, talons, nocturnal, prey, predator, and roost) The group had the task of discussing, illustrating, and presenting their word to the rest of the class.

The children did a nice job discussing their word and problem solving to make sure that their illustration gave a clear picture of their word's meaning. 

I recorded their GREAT presentations, but was bummed to discover that the volume is just not loud enough to share. 

Way to go, Kindergarten Friends!
I am so proud of you all! 

We finished up our Owl Fact Books too!

Here are a few of the inside pages:

Labeled Parts of an Owl

Fun Facts: 

Diagrams (What Owls Eat)


 You can check out the post about the Owl Fact Books HERE!


  1. I love all the owl things your doing!!! I love how beautiful the finished board looks. I definitely am going to use that vocabulary lesson I LOVE it!! Melissa