Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Owl Research - Fact Books

My kindergarten friends are doing GREAT with their owl research. We have already learned so many new things...

We've been getting a lot of our information from Gail Gibbons' book: Owls.
SO many great facts and text features. 

(we are still adding to this...)

We are recording our new information in our
 Owl Fact Books:

We did a guided drawing for the owl... 
then labeled the body parts together.

Each day we have picked one important fact to write together... then we discuss the different ways that non-fiction writers/illustrators might choose to connect the picture with the text. 
Love all of their creative ideas!

We all {love} these owl books and will continue working on them after Spring Break. 

Mariana: Mrs. Rider, would you fall over if you met Gail Gibbons?? 
Ryan: Yes, but she'd REALLY fall over flat if she met an owl!!!

ha ha ha!!

The owl fact book idea came from Mrs. Jump's blog.
Check out her owl post below:


  1. Pinning this for TBA...Love it!

  2. Very cute! I want to do an owl theme soon!


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  3. Found this through Pinterest. I bet your students love them! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!