Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Can Do That!

Last week I surprised my kindergarten friends with a fun Seuss gift. 
I wrapped the gift and hid it... and gave the students clues to figure out what their surprise might be. 
They did a REALLY awesome job with inferring! 
(I had the clues covered... and didn't show the packages/wrapping until clue #3)

The students were SO EXCITED to unwrap two fun Seuss games! 
The matching game was a HUGE HIT during free choice. We all loved the I Can Do That game and played it many times throughout our Seuss unit. 
To play, you choose 3 funny task cards...  such as crawl around the Trick-a-ma-Stick with a dress on your head. If you do it successfully, you keep the cards.

On my turn I pulled:
Slide through the Trick-a-ma-Stick
with Mother's Dress
under your right arm


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