Sunday, January 29, 2012

100th Day

Look whooooooo's 100 Days Smarter.

 We had a wonderful 100th day of school on Friday with
many fun "100" activities in math, writing, art, and cooking.

We made 100th day hats... that turned into glasses by the end of the day. : )

The children LOVED stamping to 100.

They were SO, SO creative when asked, 
"What can you make from the number 100?"

We also drew what we think we'll look like when we are 100, what we'd buy with 100 dollars, and made this snack:

Happy 100th Day, Kindergarten Friends!


  1. I adore the 100 pictures, I'm doing this as a take home project. Yours turned out so cute.


  2. So nice meeting you today, girl!!!!! We need to make a monthly luncheon!!!!