Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Water and Ponds

In Science, we are getting ready to set up a classroom aquarium.

To prepare for this new addition to our room, the students have learned:

- how important water is to animals, plants, and humans.
- how to locate water on maps and globes.
- about different types of water environments (oceans and ponds).
- which animals live in and around ponds.
- what fish need to survive.
- the parts of a fish and how to label them like a scientist.
- what snails need to survive.
- the parts of a snail.

The students worked in cooperative groups to draw and label pond life. It was such a pleasure to watch them work together - brainstorming, problem solving, and using their new science vocabulary.

Check out their ponds:

The students also drew what they thought should go into our aquarium in their science notebooks.

Check back soon to see what we put into our aquarium!


  1. Adorable! What a great post and what great artist they all are!

  2. What a great classroom! I love your science journals! I do those with my first graders, and they LOVE them. Good luck on your aquarium! I set up one at the end of last year and I love it! I have freshwater tetras. I started out with a few other things, but those have turned out to be the most hardy!
    Great blog!


  3. Mechelle, Thanks!! We got a flip camera in Kindergarten and I can't stop recording the children!! : )

    Ash- Thanks!! Loving all day Kindergarten. This is my first year doing Science journals and the children and I LOVE them!! Going to check out your blog. : ) Thanks for visiting!