Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scrapbook Fish

I have a SERIOUS obsession with using scrapbook paper with my growing artists!!!!

First, it was the Scrapbook Turkeys....

(Thank you First Grade Parade for the Santa idea!)

And now...

It's Scrapbook Fish!

The students just L-O-V-E the scrapbook projects.... and I have to admit that I am beyond excited about them!! I just love how each one turns out so unique. It is also fun to watch the students as they sift through the sheets to choose the perfect piece to begin their project.

Check out our adorable scrapbook fish:

After creating and labeling their Scrapbook Fish students wrote a fish fact on the back. Many students used our FISH anchor chart for reference (hooray!).


  1. I love the work! I always swear I'm going to get around to scrapbooking and have tons of paper, I think I'm going to just donate it to my classroom and see what the kids do with it all!

  2. Katherine-
    Thanks for stopping by!! You should bring it into your classroom, ALL of my students just love using it and the projects are guaranteed to turned out unique!


  3. I think I may have to do this with my nonfiction unit. In first grade, I could have the kids decide what to create or maybe I will have them do an arctic animal since that is our unit. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I am so glad that you can use this idea Mrs. Langston! I've gone crazy for scrapbook paper. Your first grade students will love it! : )