Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Fish and Snails have arrived!

After predicting what would be placed in our aquarium:

the students anxiously waited....

Until early last week, when the students were pleasantly surprised with guppy fish, snails, and live plants.

My growing scientists spent a lot of time observing the fish and snails and were excited to share their observations with one another.

My friend Gus quickly noted that many of our observations would need to be made with our eyes. He made this sign:

(Please do not touch, LOOK)

After learning more about our fish, we sketched one in our Science Notebooks and labeled it's body parts.

I am so proud of the students!
They asked great questions, made predictions, researched, shared facts, worked well in cooperative groups, used their science notebooks, shared their learning with others, brought in resources from home, and so much more.
We look forward to taking care of our new pets.
Great job, Kindergarten Friends!!

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