Sunday, November 9, 2014

Celebrating my Growing Writers!

The students have grown in so many ways this year... 

One area that growth has really stood out is writing. 

We started the year with our drawing unit.
(click above to see what we did during this unit)

We were working on taking care of supplies, pencil grasp, stamina, studying authors' and illustrators' craft, basic drawing/illustrating techniques and much more during that unit.

We just finished our list book unit this week.
Students chose a topic and then listed one or two words on each page that were tied to that topic. 

We were working on staying on topic and strrrrrrretching out sounds in words or using resources in our room to help us spell. (color word chart, books for characters' names, etc.) 

Will wrote a book about the number 3:

Audrey created a color ninja book:

We had a huge range of topics during this unit: colors, shapes, Mo Characters, Halloween costumes, princesses, foods we like, stores, spiders, and more! 

On Friday, we celebrated by sharing our favorite book with several peers around the room... and enjoying donut holes. :)

Way to go, growing writers! 
Looking forward to writing full sentences during our repeat book unit!

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