Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Doodles and Drawings

I absolutely love starting off the year in writer's workshop by teaching drawing. 

Last year I created a Doodles and Drawings book to help capture student learning and growth.

 While it accomplished things that I wanted - to ensure each student attempted a skill that was modeled in the mini-lesson and to have an organized collection of drawings from our first unit. BUT... it also accomplished a lot more...
students were SUPER proud and excited about their drawings - eagerly asking what they'd learn about next to add to their Doodles and Drawing book. Several students also made extra doodle and drawing books to use during free choice! 

Parents {absolutely adored} these collections of doodles and said they'd would treasure them for years to come! :)

Check out how I use this resource in my classroom by clicking HERE

Check it out at TpT here:

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