Friday, April 12, 2013

Weather Windsocks

I just love my students!
They were SO excited about creating Weather Windsocks. 

Here are a few pictures of them creating and enjoying their windsocks. 

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  1. Wow! What a fantastic way to introduce your students to the concept of science. I love how you started out with a few useful books that will help students access the concept of being a scientist. Then, you ask them to describe what it means in their own words. What a great way to assess what they know and retell what they learned. I am going to try that in my kindergarten classroom. I also really love how you had the students explore different tools scientists use and had them draw picture of what they did and what it means to be a scientist and use the tools. I did something similar at the beginning of the year with my students in math. My students all know that they are mathematicians and they know a lot of tools they can use to work on their math.
    Now I have all these great ideas for how to teach them more about being scientists. Thanks so much for sharing!