Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spider Experts

My kindergarten friends are spider experts!
We spent the last week or so researching spiders...
 and here are some of the things we discovered:

Parents: ask your child about this!

We learned about different types of spiders and the unique webs that they make. 

We used Google images to look at different orb webs
click on web to see more cool orbs!

We decided to draw our own webs, make spiders, and write spider facts. 

Check them out:

spider art during free choice :)

At the end of our spider study we made this graph:

*spider cards and clip art from Kindergarten Hoppenings

During our spider unit guess what we found creeping through the classroom????
This little guy!
We caught it to make observations... then let him go.

Great work Scientists!!!

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  1. Fantastic ideas! How great to observe your own spider in class too! :)