Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Check out my amazing little scientists! They have begun studying PROPERTIES in Science. Each group of scientists had a container of objects that included a: marble, rubber band, feather, sponge, button, seashell, piece of cardboard, plastic spoon, candle, cork, and balloon. We spent the first part of our science time just checking out all of the items. The students touched, compared, sorted, stacked, and discussed all of the items. I just LOVED listening to the students as they shared their observations with one another.

The students know, from our science work with trees, that scientists record their thoughts and observations with pictures and words. The scientists went back to work- drawing the items and recording their properties.

Here are some of the properties they recorded: soft, flat, scratchy, black, hard, round, square, rough, brown, shiny, thin, little, long, red, and stretchy. We look forward to investigating the properties of more materials soon and using our Science Notebooks to record more drawings and descriptions.

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  1. We heard all about this! What a fun activity for these kids. We love the pictures---it is great to have a "sneak peak" into your day. :)