Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful Faces

Dear Kindergarten Friends,

Thank you so much for filling our classroom with laughter, questions, drawings and writing, with books, learning, smiles, thinking, excitement, and so much more! You are amazing, growing learners that make me smile.
Your beautiful self-portraits have really made our classroom brighter. Thank you for sharing them for a bit.

Mrs. Rider

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  1. We love your beautiful faces! We are working on ours and will share them with you when we are done. Your neighbors, Room 131

  2. Thank you! We can't wait to see your beautiful faces! : )

  3. I love these! Any tips? What type of media did you use? Did you do a directed drawing first?

  4. Thank you! They really make me smile each time I walk into our classroom.

    We had been studying drawing for our first unit of Writer's Workshop so the students had been experimenting with drawing different faces. They LOVED "All About Faces" by La ZOO.

    Before we began we talked about the large paper space we had to fill and that our heads could not be tiny. : ) We drew in pencil first. In small groups the students used oil pastels to color their faces, hair, and clothing. I tried to guide the students with the oil pastels because they can smear or blend with other colors if you don't take your time. They did a really nice job with this though! The next day, we used watercolors to "fill up the white space".

    I got the self-portrait idea from Ann Marie Corgill and her book: Of Primary Importance. (LOVE this book!)

    Good luck with your portraits! Send me a link when they are done, I'd love to see them!


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