Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today, my kindergarten friend, Will, gave me this special note. Our conversation went something like this:
Will: HERE!! MRS. RIDER!!!!!!!!!! I have a special message for you!
Mrs. Rider: Oh, Will… tell me about this special message….
Will: Well, I made your “gi-normous” smile right here. You always are showing off your teeth. Are you just happy alllllll the time or what?
Mrs. Rider: Yes, I do like to smile. I just looooooooove Kindergarten!
Will: Me tooooooooo! And I like yellow, and soccer… Now open up your mouth so I can count all of your teeth!
This special message and our conversation was such a nice surprise… amidst the busy first days of kindergarten when are learning new routines, how to take care supplies, what it takes to be a good friend, etc….things can get hectic.
I am so glad that Will loves kindergarten, writes me special messages, and sees me smiling and loving what I do. I’ve certainly had a lot to smile about:

Simon’s excitement as he shared the end pages of his book from home.
How much Rylie enjoys doing special activity each afternoon.
Hunter’s love for patterning and solving math problems.
Will’s energy and zest for life!
Riley’s sparkly purple outfits and that she was the very first student to give me a hug this year!
Emma’s positive attitude and love of learning.
The way Carson sticks out just 1 finger when I ask for a high five.
Peter and Nick’s friendship and how excited/engaged they were while decorating their name pennants together.
Michael’s smile and love of reading.
Makenna’s curiosity.
The sound of Jamie’s laughter.
Emily’s stories about Canada.
Maxwell’s passion for music.
Joshua and Gus’ Lego creations and the signs they write asking others to be careful around their special buildings and vehicles.
How much Makenzie loves to play teacher during free choice time.
How much Hailey loves Writer’s Workshop.
A group of children who get just as excited as I do about the very littlest things in life. ☺I look forward to learning and growing… and sharing my “gi-normous” smile with these children each and every day!