Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ramona! Ramona! Ramona!

My AMAZING first graders and I fell in love with Beverly Cleary's series of Ramona books last year. We read Beezus and Ramona and Ramona the Pest. Many of the students also checked out other Ramona books from the school library. Together we laughed about Ramona's crazy antics and the students would always moan when I had to stop reading.

Well, can you imagine how they reacted when I told them the movie was coming out this summer? WOW! (Honestly, I was concerned that the principal might fly into the room and see what the commotion was about.) I can't see the movie trailer without thinking about all of my students and can't believe I haven't seen it yet! I am DETERMINED to get to the theater this week to see the movie... but am curious to hear what you thought of it first? Share your thoughts!

Ramona And Beezus Trailer


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  2. Gabi and I went to see it on the day it came out. It was a wonderful girl's day for us. Thank you for introducing Gabi to Ramona. I think they have some of the same qualities. :) Enjoy your blogging.

    (Hi, Mrs. Rider. This is Gabi. I love you so so much.)

  3. Sounds like a fun girl's day! We are going to see it on Thursday night. I can't wait!! Thanks for visiting the blog and being the very first people to comment! : )

    Hi Gabi! I love you so so much!! I miss you. Here is a haiku I wrote just for you:

    What an awesome girl!
    With dance, smiles, and learning, too...
    Gabi, I love you!


    Mrs. Rider