Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A MUST READ for October {10 Timid Ghosts},

10 Timid Ghosts

 is such a fun read aloud. 

This year was no exception!

We've already read it twice this week!

We also acted it out.
I wish, wish, wish I would have recorded their performance. 

It.was.memorable. :)

I created a little math and literacy pack to go along with this adorable book.
Check it out here:

 It includes:
character/story retelling cards
character name and picture match up
ghostly 10 frames
number/quantity math up
subtraction cards with ghosts 

all activities are tied to the common core

 Teachers, check it out HERE.

This book was GREAT for introducing new vocabulary too!

We added 


to our vocabulary! 

I just found this great 10 Timid Ghosts reading and can't wait to share it with my 26 clever students tomorrow. :)

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