Thursday, August 27, 2015

Book Lovers Club = Happy Teacher Heart

Oh my goodness...

I am seriously over the moon with my ADORABLE class!! 

We are off to a great start.

A few years ago I created a Book Lovers Club to get my Kinders excited about books and reading.

It is magical. 

I love meeting with my book lovers throughout the year! We celebrate authors, illustrators, creative choices, great books, reading, sharing our thoughts, predictions, and connections...
and more!!

Today I presented the option of creating a new Book Lovers Club with this crew and their enthusiasm with the idea was UNBELIEVABLE.

Like so unbelievable, that I couldn't even snap a clear picture. 

It made my teacher heart so happy!!

The students had to sign up and make official membership cards. 

Which we immediately took down and laminated together. Who knew watching the laminator in action would be SO FUN?! 

During free choice, Adelyne decided we needed a Book Lovers Club Poster! :) 

Here are just a few of the book lovers I have spotted this week...  

I am looking forward to so many great reading adventures with my newest members.


Teacher friends -

Click {HERE} to see the ways I use the Book Lovers Club in my classroom. 

You can find it on TpT HERE

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  1. I Loved the Purple Cow Smoothies we made in cooking class. I made one at home last night. My Grandma and Papa helped me. It was great!