Saturday, November 9, 2013


Anica's mom visited this week to teach us about Diwali!

Anica's dad was born in India and her grandparents live there now. 

Anica and Mrs. Rane shared a book about Diwali. We learned about this very special celebration of lights.

We also learned about sand art - rangoli.
She shared several great clips on youtube.
Click HERE to check them out. 

Traditionally, the sand art is created outside at their door step. We decided to create the sand art on paper in our classroom.

The children loved this... and loved learning about new traditions. 

The students did a wonderful job and were SUPER creative. I wish I would have snapped more pictures. 


I had Anica's sister in Kindergarten a few years ago. Mrs. Rane did a special Diawli presentation then too. You can read about that HERE.

 Thank you so much Missy, Sofia, and Anica, for sharing your family's wonderful traditions with us! 

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