Saturday, May 5, 2012

Congratulations Scott!!!

Congratulations to my son, Scott, who ran his first 5K today!

He finished Cincinnati's Flying Pig 5K today, with a huge smile on his face. 
I am really proud of him for running...
and for many, many other reasons!

What a blessing to have such an amazing kid-o in our lives!!!

Scott ran with his running club from school, which included friends...

 and two teachers that he adores:
Mrs. Wolf (his Kindergarten teacher) running in yellow.

and Mrs. Shaw (his current teacher in 4th grade).

He chose to celebrate at Skyline afterwards. 

Way to go, Scott!! We are proud of you! 


  1. That is awesome! What an inspiration he is!

  2. Mr. Holden shared the photos with me this morning! So proud!!!