Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am so blessed to have a job that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!
My kindergarten friends are amazing and they inspire me to be the very best teacher I can be! 

My students and their parents surprised me Tuesday with a very special gift. I was so overwhelmed (with joy and some serious tears!) that I really didn't really open/show the whole gift. I was just so overwhelmed by their generosity and thoughtfulness!
 Several of the moms made me promise to post it on the blog so that they could see it
So.... here it is:
 a new school bag
personalized with quotes from the children!
(see why I cried!?)

an amazing 12 Days of Christmas Break book 
Each day included a gift card to fun places around town like:
 Mitchell's Spa 

Blue Manatee Bookstore

and Target... 

My students are a hoot! Look at all of this adorable owl stuff!

Thank you all so very much for my gifts, your kind words and support, and most importantly, THANK YOU for sharing your amazing children with me!

A special shout out to my room mom Beth who worked so hard to make this surprise come together. She is super creative and so, so kind! I am thankful to have her as my room mom and that she lets me spend so much time with her awesome son, Sam! :) Check out her blog here:  

Wishing everyone a fun and restful break!



  1. Love the quotes. How thoughtful. Enjoy your holiday.

  2. How cute!! I'm super jealous of all your owl stuff!!

  3. That is too sweet and nice, what great families you have.

  4. Wow! What an amazing gift!! Enjoy your gift!