Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fun Educational Songs & Videos

I just found a HUGE collection of great educational songs and videos on YouTube. (Maybe this is really old news, but it is new to me, so I am EXCITED!!)

Have you heard of Harry Kindergarten's Channel on YouTube?
It's awesome!!

I know that my students will just L-O-V-E these!

Here are a few of the math ones that I think my students will enjoy:

I Can Count to 100:

Blasting Off! Counting by 5's to 100

Numbers all Around

Numbers in the Teens

Numbers in the Twenties

Show Me the Money 

Check out more of HarryKindergarten's videos on YouTube: 


  1. Howdy Amy! Thanks for your kind words.

    (Pete Harry)

  2. Pete Harry!!

    Thanks for stopping by and THANK YOU for making/sharing all of these amazing videos! My kindergarten friends and I just L-O-V-E them!!! Keep 'em coming! : )

    Happy Summer!!