Friday, April 22, 2011

Thoughtful Friends

After our musical, we decided to thank our music teacher, Mrs. Adams, with huge banner.

The children worked really hard on pictures and messages to Mrs. Adams.

Some of their messages include:

You rock Mrs. Adams.
You are the best in the world.
Great job!
I love you.
Thank you!!!!!!!

Many of the children also drew pictures of
fish, musical notes, Mrs. Adams, hearts....

They asked about her favorite colors and the names of all of the songs they sang, etc... I was proud that they were putting so much thought into their "thank you" and reflecting on what they loved about Mrs. Adams.

On the way to surprise her I tripped and fell on my knee... so hard that I practically had to crawl back to the clasroom! (Ouch!!) I only share this part because of my students' sweet messages that followed afterward (and because I think it is good to laugh at yourself every once and awhile).

Will- Thank you for your advice about the ice pack and your sweet message.

Makenzie - You are so thoughtful. Thank you for your kind words!

I am so thankful for my kind, thoughtful friends.

P.S. Mrs. Adams LOVED her banner and the swelling in my knee is FINALLY going down...

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  1. I love making thank you cards with the kids. They like to do it as well and learn the act of being thankful through writing messages. It's a sweet life lesson for them :)
    Way to go teach!