Thursday, March 17, 2011

Leprechaun Traps ... Kindergarten Style

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The children were delighted to find a special note and a trail of sparkling shamrocks in our classroom as they came in from lunch recess.

Johnny Leprechaun also left behind a bowl full of "magic powder" which we were instructed to add milk to and shake.

As we began to shake Emma quickly moved away saying, "I need to stay back in case there is an explosion. I want to have kids ya know!"

Thankfully there were no explosions, just delicious green pistachio pudding!

During free choice time many students decided that they wanted to build leprechaun traps. I loved watching them brainstorm, write, and build together.

Here are some of their amazing traps:

They used Lucky Charms, nickels, grass, soft bedding (yarn), nice notes, and a gold necklace to lure the leprechaun....

but we were unable to trap him. Maybe next year!


  1. The leprechaun traps are so cute! (and I love the quote from Emma - too funny!)

  2. This was SUCH a fun idea! Will came home and he and his brother spent the rest of the night trying to build more traps. We were unsuccessful, too. Ha!