Saturday, February 2, 2013

Love Notes Link Up!

Blogging Friends,
 I thought it would be fun to host a little “Love Notes” Link Up. It’s February and time to share all of the LOVES in your life.
Create a post with your “love notes” and link up!! It will be a super fun way to get to know more teacher bloggers... and provide some fun reading for the last full month of Winter!

“Lovely List”
Name: Amy 
Grade you Teach: Kindergarten 
State: Ohio
Birthday: February 12th 
Favorite Colors: Teal and Pink
Lucky Number: 22
Favorite Subject to Teach: Literacy!!
Go to Snack: Triscuits and Cherry Coke Zero
TV Show: Chopped, Pioneer Woman, X Factor
Last Movie You Watched: The Lorax :) : )
Music You are Loving Right Now: Bruno Mars
Always shopping at: Target & Kohl's 
Word of the day: Funny

“Love Links”

share links to…

a blog you are loving right now:

I die with laughter when reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Valentine or February pin board:

a product you adore:

My Erin Condren Life Planner. 
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!! 

“We’d all love to know…”

What are your favorite hobbies or what do you enjoy doing during your free time? 
Being a mom!!!! I know this isn't a "hobby" but I really enjoy spending most of my free time with my children Scott and Madilynn. We love hiking, dancing (*our dance parties are getting serious now that Santa brought a disco ball and Scott deejays on his ipod, ha!*), going on adventures to the zoo, children's museum, King's Island, playing games (we play one every night and are currently obsessed with Uno), and just spending time together. Children grow up too fast and I am just enjoying every minute with them!

I also love going to cardio boxing, cooking for family and friends, blogging, photography, traveling, and shopping at Target.

Your favorite vacation destination?
My favorite "couples" destination is Hawaii. Mike and I went went we were first married. It was gorgeous, relaxing, and romantic! 
My favorite family destination is Naples Beach or Disney World. 
 (Naples 2012) 
 (Disney June 2010)
See what I mean about growing up fast - this picture makes me want to cry my eyes out. ;)

The best advice you’ve been given?
I have SOOOOOO much fun with my friends who love me for ME! 
(funny quirks and all!)

Most rewarding part of teaching?
Helping children fall in love with books, watching their growth in writing, and seeing all of their smiles and eagerness to learn. 

What are you known for?
Being happy. 
: ) : ) : )
 I love to laugh. 

2 random facts:
My husband and I met randomly online (not through a dating site!) and were married 8 months later. I was 18, he was 20!!! 
We just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. And our children put this together (and cooked!!) for us:
So sweet!!!!

I am obsessed with photo collages. :)

The Loves of Your Life:
Share a picture(s) of your LOVES.
Scott and Madilynn 

Scott and my husband Mike



Molly Moo

and last but not least:
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these beautiful faces! 

Please consider creating your LOVE NOTE post and linking up.

PLEASE be sure to include a LINK BACK to this post.

 Looking forward to reading all of your posts!!! :)


  1. Thanks for joining the fun Lori. I loved reading your post!! : )


  2. Thanks for inviting me to link up!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. I am not a blogger (yet) so I can't create a post but I am enjoying reading all of these. It is fun getting know you all better. :o)

    P.S. Amy your children are beautiful!

  4. Amy- Thank you so much for hosting this linky party! I am new to the blog community and love the opportunity to get to know more teacher bloggers! Your family is lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!

    The Applicious Teacher

  5. Thanks for hosting this linky party! Looking forward to reading everyone's love notes. :)
    Funky First Grade Fun

  6. Thanks for letting us link up to this awesome party!

    Fonts 4 Teachers
    Fonts 4 Teachers in TPT

  7. Thanks for the fun Linky! Good thing I don't believe in luck...I'm lucky number 13!

  8. I, finally, got linked up. Thanks for inviting me, Amy. I have the life planner, too - but I have a hard time using it.

    The First Grade Princess

  9. Thanks for hosting this linky party. I LOVED doing it! I love Disney World, too. It is our favorite place to vacation as a family. I can't wait to go back and see all the new things they've added to Fantasy Land and the new resort. My sister just went and said it was wonderful!!

  10. This was so fun! Thanks for the invite. Your family is precious.
    A Modern Teacher

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