Monday, November 8, 2010

The Cutest Turkeys on Planet Earth!

My son, Scott, and one of my kindergarten friends, Emma, said that these are "the cutest turkeys on planet earth" so it must be true!

The students used fun scrapbook paper to make their turkey's beautiful feathers.

They all just L-O-V-E-D creating these funky turkeys and I love the fact that no 2 turkeys are the same.

Some of the students wrote signs for their turkeys to hold.

Some of their signs said:

Please don't eat me.
Eat more insects.
Eat cake, not me.
Eat other turkeys.
Eat more candy.
Don't eat me.
Eat lollipops.


  1. SUPER CUTE! I love that you used scrapbook paper for the feathers - that is such a great idea! I really enjoy your blog and can't wait to see the other wonderful ideas that you have.
    I'm right around the corner from your area - I actually grew up in Milford and now live in Maineville (by KI). What a small world! :o)

  2. Hi April. Thanks for checking out my blog... and for your kind words. I am really enjoying blogging about our adventures in kindergarten.

    When I saw the cute scrapbook paper at Michael's I knew it would make gorgeous turkey feathers. : ) I just love that all of the turkeys look so different from one another. Hooray!

    We live in Milford now!! Do you teach in Little Miami?


  3. Unfortunatley, I don't teach in the Little Miami district. :( I did my students teaching there about 4 years ago though. Right now, I am teaching 1st grade at a charter school in Over the Rhine. Let me tell ya - it is TOUGH! I'm *REALLY* hoping to find a job in a district next year. I've got my fingers crossed!